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These topics are examples of what we can bring to your church or organization.  This is not an exhaustive list as all our seminars are adapted to fit your situation.  Please contact us on any topic that you do not see listed here.

Seminar & Teaching Topics by Samuel Tillery

The Power of One
At the tower of Babel confusion and division were the result of unity around pride.  On the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-11) power and understanding came through unity that leads to God’s blessing & power.  Learn how you can move from God’s judgment to His blessing and power in your life, church and community.

The People God Uses
All through the Bible God shows us that the way He brings maximum glory to Himself is to use real people, with real problems and weaknesses. You will learn In this teaching the 2 commands that will unlock your being used by God in powerful way’s.

Setting the Stage for an Encounter with God
Often, the most life-altering encounters with God require us to leave the routine, the comfortable, and the familiar.  Learn what might be blocking your relationship with God and the steps that move you closer to His call and purpose in your life.

Idolatry in America
What does idolatry have to do with us today?  We in America don’t live in a backwards pagan country where people worship and bow down to carved images of wood, stone or metal.  Is this what idolatry is?  Carved images or does it have to do with something more?

Learn the Essence of Idol Worship in our contemporary world. Many idols are not inherently “bad”, understand that when we allow anything apart from God to rule us, compel or control us, we have created an idol.

Strategic Prayer for Community Transformation
“Prayer is the greatest spiritual face that we have, it’s the mobilized prayer of God’s people that will break down the strongholds of Satan, that will soften those hardened hearts”  From heavens standpoint, all spiritual victories are won in the place of prayer.

The Power of Prayer
There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or nation that did not begin in united prayer” Dr. A.T. Pearson “The united prayer of the saints, push back the canopy of oppression and cut off the operating authority of the powers of darkness, in order to create optimum conditions for harvest” John Dawson, YWAM Director of Urban Missions

Why Stand With Israel ? One New Man, Jew & Gentile
Could it be, that long, fulfilling spiritual life is being withheld from the Church until she honors the origins of her faith?  Could it be that our history of division will cease only after we unite with god’s chosen family?  Could it be, through the reemergence in our day of the messianic Jewish community, is God’s provision to address the great wound of division so that true healing can be brought to the Church and community?

The Reason I Pray
If you could ask the Lord anything, what would you ask for?  Monty, a new job, protection, etc.  The disciples got this opportunity as seen in Luke 11, they ask Him, “Lord teach us to pray”  Why of all thins would they ask about prayer?  Answering this question will transform your life, family and community.

Bringing Out The Best In Your Kids     
“It takes wisdom to have a good family, and it takes understanding to make it strong” Proverbs 24:3  There are 2 competing pressures in the world.  The pressure of conforming and comparing.  Our children are not things to be molded, they are people to be unfolded into what God has ordained. The key to becoming a great parent is to become a godly person.  

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